5 Tips on Choosing the Best Blinds for You

  • By Catherine Dove
  • 02 Feb, 2016

The abundance of choice and variety in window blinds has become so huge that it can be bewildering trying to decide what style to go for.  So we’ve compiled a few tips on finding the right style for your interior to give you a hand. Once you’ve got an understanding of your options, you’ll realise the vast choice is definitely a blessing not a curse!

1. Have you considered privacy and light?

Think about whether your aim is to block the sun out (so you can have those lie-ins in the morning) or whether you want a lighter, airier feel to the room. If you want to keep the sun out, curtains are a great idea, especially with blackout liners to keep the drapes opaque. Fancy some blinds instead? Sleep easy and avoid outside glare with our Blackout Roller Blinds, available in a wide choice of plain or patterned fabrics. If you like the look of Roman Blinds, blackout linings can be added. If you want the best of both, why not combine opaque curtains with a translucent blind?

2. Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are probably the most discreet and convenient blinds for functional spaces. You can easily lower or raise the blind for privacy and light, and made to measure services will ensure that your Roller Blinds will fit your window perfectly. Choose from our range of luxury, patterned, or colour block fabrics to compliment your interior.

3. Motorisation

Have you considered motorised blinds? They are very convenient and can create a great statement piece in your home. Whether you are looking for blackout blinds or a solution for a hard to reach window, motorised blinds are a practical alternative. Most of our Roller Blinds are available motorised, so there is a huge collection of fabrics, styles, and colours to choose from. From sheer to blackout, our expert designers will advise on the best solution for your space.

4. Vertical or Horizontal?

Choosing whether to get vertical or horizontal ( Venetian ) blinds can be a tough decision, but we can help with this dilemma. The secret is to find out your windows dimensions, the mechanisms that open and close your windows, and your room's decoration style. If your windows are taller than they are wide, then consider horizontal window blinds. We have an impressive collection of colours and slat widths to choose, so you’ll be sure to find a style to suit your decor. However, if your windows are wider than they are tall, vertical blinds would be a good option; the vertical slats will add height to the room and bring an air of formality and sophistication to your interior. Also consider the style of you room- vertical blinds look very contemporary so trying to integrate them in a traditional cottage living room, for example, would be difficult.

5. Colour

After choosing the style of your blinds, the next question is always the colour. Many ask if they should base the colour of their blinds on the colour scheme of the room. Brightly coloured blinds that match the accessories of the room can have a really great impact, but going with neutral coloured blinds that match the window trim is foolproof and classic. It’s always down to personal taste, but with our wide variety of colours and patterns there is sure to be a style to suit your space.

We hope these tips helped you out in deciding your blind style. If you like the look of any of our blinds, need more advice or just some inspiration, come visit our Wokingham showroom or give us a call on 0118 9770 220 .

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At Alamo Blinds, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of blinds, curtains, and shutters from all the major suppliers, which is why we love it when we have a new product to introduce into our range. Say hello to the Tri-Shade blind.

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